Another Great Week for Pest Control Services

Published March 8th, 2021 by Mike's Pest Solutions, LLC

What an awesome week we have been having!

We have a new addition to Mikes Pest solution...Luther. Luther has 3 years of experience. We had a long search and found that Luther would be a great addition to our company.  

Our plan is for Luther to be our dedicated service technician for pest control and John will continue to do pest control and will focus on termites and wildlife exclusions. Last week John saved 4 houses from termites.  Yes, the termites are swarming and it is time to protect your homes. 

Mike's Pest Solutions provides a free full termite inspection.  We inspect homes in Perry, Crawfordsville, Monticello, Madison, Tallahassee, Havana and Quincy. 

Mike found the swarming termites in the walls of one of the homes during an inspection.  He then scoped the wall to locate exactly where they were and from this, we were able to provide a better service and kill those termites.  

This past week, Mike and Luther worked together on three German roach clean outs in Greenville and Crawfordsville.  These poor families had been searching for help and Mike's Pest Solutions has a proven plan to help get rid of those pesky critters. The first visit is $150.00 and is a 1 to 2 hour service. Give us a call for further information.

Mike did 8 WDO inspections and he is also training Luther to do these inspections. We have a fantastic group of realtors that love Mike and he is booking up fast! We feel that with the addition of Luther that they will not hear the words... we are too booked up. His cost starts at $125.00 and includes a full inspection and a typed report with graphs and photos.  Also, there is no additional cost for a reinspection. 

Reminder, bats can be excluded up to April 15. We are also starting mosquito season so it is time to spray those yards. Our mosquito service starts at $55.00 for a full yard spray and the price depends on the size of the yard. Call Mike for a free inspection.

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