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Special Services


Fogging, Attic Insulation, Moisture Control & Yard Services in the Tallahassee Area

Mike’s Pest Solutions offers many more services than pest control compared to other companies many times our size to homeowners in Tallahassee as well as Madison, Greenville, Crawfordville and Monticello. From specialty pest service to attic insulation we can help you at a great value. Please call for an inspection and/or quote today!!!

  • CRAWL SPACE MOISTURE CONTROL – From installation of moisture barriers to ventilation fans, we can work with you and your other professionals to correct moisture issues under your home.

  • ENTIRE HOUSE FOGGING – For extreme infestations of roaches or other insects we can flush & fog your entire home.

  • ATTIC REMEDIATION/INSULATION – Mike’s Pest Solutions is an installer for the leading provider of Borate impregnated pest control insulation (only available through state certified pest control operators). This is an Energy Star product and can save you heating/cooling cost as well as being a barrier for pest entering from above. Let us inspect your attic and determine if a top-off or complete remediation is in your best interest.

  • YARD PEST SERVICES – While we do NOT apply fertilizer or control weeds, we can control lawn insects, fire ants, ticks & fleas on  lawns for a reasonable rate.

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