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Property Management

Suburb Houses

Professional Services for Management Companies in the Tallahassee Area

We have built a reputation for quality, personal service with several property management companies and would love to add yours to our list of satisfied customers!

We provide annual (quarterly, bi-monthly & monthly), one-time & specialty programs to take care of whatever your properties' needs are. We can also provide termite and wildlife services.


On the exterior we sweep down cobwebs and treat any wasp nests, we apply a barrier treatment to the perimeter and base of the house, we also treat weep holes, windows, door thresholds, and any other hotspots or areas of entry for pests. 


On the interior we treat according to your individual needs. Our standard IPM safe environmentally friendly treatment includes treating areas of potential invaders such as window tracks, door entries, cracks & crevasses, around plumbing areas and other areas prone to pest activity. 

Our goal is to provide a safe, effective service at a reasonable price. Our average residential service usually takes about 40-60 minutes. The initial service may take slightly longer as we will be inspecting entries that can be sealed to increase our treatment effort. 

Here at Mike’s Pest Solutions you're more than just an account, you're an individual client with a face and we truly value your business!

Let us put together a custom quote for you today!

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